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    17 GOOD domains - quick sale


    I am selling all of the following domain names, I am looking for $250 for the lot (paypal only). Would be good for any rapidly expanding network, or you could buy the lot and sell them on individually for more, I am just in need of a quick sale.

    Please either post here or PM me.

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    Who is your registrar? Are you ready to sell individual domains? I am interested in and

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    I would like or if you are willing to sell them individually
    Tyler Schnaidt
    Hosting Design Promotion

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    I am willing to take offers individually for each domain.

    the following are with registerfly:

    the rest are registered with

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    minimum offer for each domain is $15.

    Currently I have received the following offers: $30 $40 $20

    best bid for each domain wins, bidding closes midnight GMT tonight. Payment by paypal only.


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    2 offer $15.

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    current offers: $30 $40 $20 $15 $15

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    $45 for

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    Thanks. I've sent you payment and the regfly acct info.

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