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    * ftp account

    hi there this is my first problem is my account info for my web publishing internet provider helped with this the first time but the guy who helped me is not there today.what i need to no what should i put in the ftp account server,my name and my password and my web_files are correct.but i dont remember what i put in the ftp account place.i use serifplush6,thank you for any help...

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    To me if you have :
    my server,my name and my password
    You should be good to go. Account is just the name I think.

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    yes i have those...someone told me it should be is my high speed cable provider...i have my server is my addy is akadavidl1l and my not sure about that account name being the same as my server addy...

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    it keeps saying error on my server addy,lol.that would be my address,lol.

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    it keeps saying error on my server addy,lol.that would be my address,lol.
    Are you passing the username and password to it to login? If not your host might have anon ftp disabled in which case you should be connecting with ftp://user:[email protected] which will log you in properly. Depending what program you use it might be doing that fine already though.

    Hope this helps ya out some.
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    yea i have no problem logging on with my addy and password.i go to i see my name there .then i go and put my pasword in there and then i see my web_files just not sure what my ftp account info was when i go to publish to my web page...thats my problem.but not sure why it keeps comming up an error.

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    thanks for the help...

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    figured it out,finally...thanks for all your help...

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    Glad to see you got the issue resolved David!
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