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    * UK based entry level dedicated server

    Can anyone make any recommendations please, at the moment it seems a bit like a minefield out there! thanks.

    Looking for UK based entry level dedicated server, will possible take more than one.

    main things i'm looking for are


    value for money - good pricing

    ips from different c classes and as many as possible (hence will maybe take more than one ded server from different companies) my sites and my clients interlink so the need for different class c's for search engine optimisation purposes.
    +ability to host either one or more than one site on each ip - not sure if that comes as standard.

    cpanel - for wordpress use mainly

    some of the sites to be hosted are adult related (all legal UK sites) softcore in nature and relatively low bandwidth (we're not talking tgps or movies here)

    there will be relatively low bandwidth going through the server/servers to start off with.

    i'm not technial so if you have any more questions please ask.

    ability possibly to start paying by paypal as i'm away working currently and depending on which country i'm in my UK registered credit cards don't work online due to fraud prevention, alternatively if paypal not acceptable will be back in UK mid December and able to pay online with credit cards then.


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    10,574 should be able to meet your needs

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    Poundhost would certainly meet the value for money and reliability mark, and certainly have provided me with IPs from different class Cs (because of the length of time I've been there...).
    Watch this space...

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    do a search ar google and you will be able to find alot of UK host with server at uk

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    Quote Originally Posted by GigabitONE
    do a search ar google and you will be able to find alot of UK host with server at uk
    Thanks i've done that and was looking for any personal recommendations really.

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    If you are specifically looking for adult traffic hosting, and help along those lines, give a line.

    Good luck.
    Olly | INX-Gaming
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