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    Arrow [For Sale] Nice looking Uncoded Forum Skin

    The Skin

    What You Get:

    -Full rights
    -Organized PSD
    -Additional images and icons can be made for extra 10$

    Bidding Starts: $50
    BIN: $120

    Thanks and happy bidding, If you would like more information please feel free to PM me, AIM me, MSN or email

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    Great colors! I like this alot but I don't need a forum skin : (

    Good luck!

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    thank you

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    It's pretty nice. Too bad it cant be coded. I don't know too many forum coders.

    Anthony B.

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    i wish i new how to code i have some xml books but its difficult and without a host i cant test any ideas i have

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    I am lowering the Bidding price to 40$ and the BIN to 95$, i sorta need a quick sale (need money for xmas)

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