Alright here I am reviewing a company that I have only been with for about a week. What I was looking for was a dedicated server with outstanding support. Pretty much my only other choice was RackSpace as far as service goes. I am what you would call a server retard. I know very very little. I would definately reccomend them for a dedicated server provider. Here is what I liked:

-Fast server set up. (within 24 hours for me)

-Outstanding service. (I have had quite a few questions about how things work and a reply was sent to every issue that I have had within an hour. Usually within 10 minutes, but occasionally it took longer. All but one issue related to questions I had about setting things up. One issue was a problem on their end, but it was solved immediately.)

-competitive price. (We pay $239/mo for dedicated with some extras including Plesk)

-Reliability. (So far everything has been up and running. Granted it has only been a week.)

Here are things that I did not like:
-I did have a few times when the tech that I talked to did not really know the answer right away. (Although this is kind of frustrating, they were very up front and told me right away that they weren't completely sure. In every case they still responded back within an hour with the solution!)

-When they do something to resolve an issue, they don't tell me how to do it. (This is kind of frustrating to me because I would like to know why my server is acting a certain way and how to fix it. I just don't want to keep breakng it and not know that I am. I guess as long as the issue gets solved right?)

Overall, I am extremely satisfied! This server stuff is a lot easier than I thought it would be. Because this is my first server experience ever, I am very pleased that it has gone this well! I would definately reccomend these guys to anyone! They have been great so far and I am sure that it will continue! I will update later should I hit any snags! Thanks!