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    Post Load external site into same "frame"

    If the below is possible PM me and I will pay for the job. If you go to:
    Username: halo
    Password: halo

    You will see a scrolling area with text. What I want to do is have "Please Register" load an external webpage in the same current scrolling area box without any pop-ups or iframes used....obviously..

    If this is possible, PM me.

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    why not use a php include?

    <?php include ('page-name.php');?>
    note: The page you put the php on has to end it .php rather than .html etc...

    I'll give you that for free
    Web Handyman - Website and Internet Marketing Service

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    Hey, thanks for the info....but when I try what you gave me above, the external website is included with the rest of the text.

    I would like the external website to load in that scroll area when you click on it as a link, but be by itself.


    P.s. - the external website is not a page hosted on my personal webspace.
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    Hey sorry about that...i think i need 5 posts to private message anyone.....I will try to get you on MSN tomorrow...


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    ok no problem...i think its 10 posts.

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