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    1000GB/month and PayPal

    Hey hey!

    I need some serious bandwidth, at least 1000GB/month.

    I'm in no need of anything else (except 10 mb of webspace..) since I will only host 2-3 files.

    Preferably a host who accepts PayPal.

    Any ideas? (except netfirms)

    Thanks a lot!

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    1TB of bandwidth with only 10MB of files... That would make anybody slightly suspicious of what you're doing. I would just get a high-traffic VPS from any good VPS provider.

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    I don't think you will get that on a share eviroment, Look for a Dedicated Server. Also how are you planning on using 1000GB of transfer with files of only 10MB? do you have thousands of visitors a day?

    10MB is very small for a site unless you have hot videos or something that will get extreme traffic.
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    Well it'a a very popular software..

    Ok I'll probably go for an VPS.


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    I'd be surprised if you get that sort of bandwidth on a VPS I think a cheap dedicated running thttpd (presuming you're not using php or anything) should do you fine
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    also put the file on a torrent to save bandwith ... just my 2 cents
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    Dedicated server...

    If your software is open source there might be some other solutions out there. I believe hosts open source projects for free...

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    Hard to believe this is not gonna be used for warez or anything like that.

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    Oh come on, is lot's of visitors and legal site impossible equation ?

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    Oh come on, is lot's of visitors and legal site impossible equation ?
    Not impossible - just unlikely -

    As Dan mentioned, if it was open source or freeware, there are many free solutions available...

    Not saying for certain this is illegal content, but, it does look suspicious - and any host would be crazy not to at least ask the question...

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    I'm well aware of sourceforge and it's a lot more than just free storage. To be able to host your files and webpages on sourceforge you'll have to develop your software onsite, upload the source code, use their CVS system etcetera.

    You can't just upload some software and spread the link..

    thanks anyway. Just got myself a dedicated.

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    The amount of bandwidth your requiring is what's going to exclude you from the shared environment. However, I'm sure *some* providers might offer it.

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    could you tell us the software title? I'm sure we're really curious...
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    if all you care is bandwidth use 1and1. They have the most bandwidth for the buck. 9.99 amonth will get you 1000gb of bandwidth.

    They don't have a great reputation here, but they have a lot of clients and they offer what you want.

    Godaddy could be an alternative, but their equivelant plan is 19.95. I use them and I am happy with them (although they also have a very bad reputation here).

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    You might want to look for a low-end dedicated server, that would be the best option. You can also take Dan's advice above, and go with who hosts open source projects for free.

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