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    Mumbai Hosting

    I have been hosting with Mumbai Hosting ( for about half a year (since July 2005), and while I am happy, I have decided it's time to move on and upgrade for various reasons (nothing to do with their service!). I don't know anyone else who has hosted with them or what their experiences have been, but I am grateful to Mumbai Hosting for making my first foray into web administration smooth and hassle-free.

    Hence, I am posting this "review" in the hope that someone might find it useful.

    Why I chose Mumbai Hosting:
    Well, mainly because, they were offering a small pack at a low price, and I could pay with a cheque instead of a credit card! I was starting out with my site and still not entirely sure that I was up to sustaining it. I thought it to be a good plan to start with. They are based in Mumbai (Bombay), India (though their data centre is at The Planet) and as I am in India, it meant I could easily contact them on the phone if needed.

    Even though this is perhaps not relevant, I liked the look of their website. Everything about the hosting plans offered was listed out clearly.

    I took the minimum pack of 10MB web space and 1GB data transfer (plus parked domains, subdomains, mailing lists, preinstalled scripts, CPanel, 3 MySQL databases; let me add here that other Indian hosts I got in touch with were not providing any databases except on on additional payment) for Rs. 750 (US$16.5 approx.) a year. Yes, I know that's not much for the money and there are other cheaper plans, but other considerations made it the right choice for me then. And I have rarely seen any downtime.

    Response and customer service:
    Support is good, which is a pleasant surprise when compared to most Indian companies! Though I find it takes longer to get support at night (I am GMT+5:30)! I had to call them a few times in the beginning and they have been friendly and polite and helpful. The e-mail support is also adequate. I had to ask silly questions like, "Where do I put my files?" and they never made me feel ridiculous. They also offered to set up a PHP mailing script for me when I had trouble.

    Too expensive for the limited amount of space given. Also, I don't think they do credit card transactions, so I'm not really sure what non-India customers are supposed to do. You have to pay a year in advance and there is no money-back policy unless they do not deliver what is promised. The sales people got back to me with a rather ridiculous "If you walk out of a movie after 20 minutes, you cannot be expected to have your ticked refunded" logic, but as the amount I was paying was negligible, it didn't make any difference. Anyway, the money-back concept doesn't exist in India, and I wasn't expecting it.

    In my close to half a year with Mumbai Hosting, I have been fully satisfied with their service. If you are based in India and want to set up your own site, have limited technical knowledge, and don't want to part with too much cash or do an online transaction for whatever reason, you could do much worse than choose Mumbai Hosting!

    (If anyone else has hosted with them, I'd like to hear of their experiences.)


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    Quote Originally Posted by ThinkSupport View Post
    hmm good review ... but I am still curious why havent they implemented the online paying method with the help of an online gateway eg. 2heckout which is available for Indian customers....
    They also have an option of local merchant in ccavenue that can bill in both Indian Rupees and US Dollars,but I guess they are focused more on small business clients in local market.
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    Nice review, can you please send your domain hosted to the MODs by using the report function. Or share your domain hosted with them in the forum ?

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