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Thread: Server Security

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    Server Security

    Just a quick question here, im looking into possibly getting a server so thought Id get some of my questions answered .

    Firstly in terms of security for you servers what do you guys use ( in terms of hardware or software ).

    Also do you guys get them from the server suppliers or do you buy them / download based on your own experiences.


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    If you dont know how to secure a server best solution is something like:

    they will secure your server and proactively update/secure as it is needed for great value.

    Also as for what people on the board use it depends on your OS and setup. a hardware firewall may be reccomended for example if you are going to be running irc

    what do you intend to be using the server for?

    bear in mind most exploits are what you Install on the OS no the OS itself (after obvious patching) (ie apache and so on)

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    Well, to name a few that you should have running on your server, some as crons are:

    APF firewall

    I would also suggest doing the following:

    Setup the firewall to only allow the IP addresses you put into the "allow.hosts" file.
    Block port 22 for shell and setup some other random port in the 4 to 5 digit area.
    Finally, disable a direct root login, instead, login as the admin user (you, using your main account) and then use 'su-' command to login as the 'superuser' into root.

    Those are just some of the things you could do. They are common and necessary and will do for the most part unless you are running a very large and well-known site(s) that could be prone to more attacks than just a new site.

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