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    Looking for a php programmer (basic CMS)

    I am looking for a programmer to code my new site for me. I recently hired a programmer, but due to personal reasons he will not be able to complete the job.

    Anyway here are the basic features I want:
    1. vB member integration
    2. News articles, WYSIWYG editor
    3. vB integration of usergroups for being able to edit articles.
    4. Image gallery (can be existing script, just totally tailored for my needs)
    5. Media page (displays videos, etc)
    6. User comments/ratings
    7. phpadsnew integration into the site

    If there is a free (and open source) CMS that would do most of this I would be fine using that, as long as it were fully tailored to exactly what I wanted.

    Basically I want the main site to tie into the vB very closely. I'd like the comments to actually use vB if possible, so that when a member posts a comment they can use all the vB tags and whatnot, and their post count will go up when they post.

    I also want to be able to have it where there is a staff usergroup, and they can post articles, but until one of the admins approves them it does not get posted.

    Lastly I want a content submission page, where users can submit links, stories, or media. It does not get posted until admins approve it, but their karma (or whatever the vB hack is with that) will go up for submitting, and even more when it gets posted.

    Obviously I will further elaborate once I begin talking to people.

    My budget can go as high as 150 dollars, based on the time table and extra features and what not.

    If you are interested either IM me at Drworthless, or MSN at [email protected]. My email is [email protected] or you can reply here/PM me.

    Thanks for your time,

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    vBadvanced does most of what you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tree NC
    vBadvanced does most of what you need.

    You are right, I looked into it a while ago and wasn't interested, but I am not sure why. It seems to get pretty decent reviews as of late, as has a lot of the features I do need, just completely customizing it not to look like a vB might be tricky.

    I would pay for someone to do that.

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