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    Urgent help - Need alternative payment option for my teenage customers


    Some of my clents for my company are teens who want to set up small sites so want to pay small payments to get them sorted out. My question is is there any good E-cash companies / methods of payment you can suggest?



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    Money order? Paypal? - Tell them to get a bank account. I tried Xoom, not anything special, but an alternative.

    Worldpay allows debit cards..

    Bank transfer, direct deposit. Lots out there
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    Paypal is one way snce they do not verify age but doing business with teen agers can cause a lot of problems.

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    Well, you can always try Money Order. Also paypal might be bad to do with teenagers since almost of them are using fraud accounts. Before you even accept a payment you should verify that it's legit. Doesn't matter what age. Good luck with your company.

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