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    has anybody used verio's japan IPv6 VPS?

    IPv6 VPS v2 and MPS v2 Accounts Now Available in Tokyo, Japan Data Center

    We are pleased to offer our customers IPv6-enabled VPS v2 and MPS v2 accounts in our Tokyo, Japan Data Center. IPv6 is clearly the future of the Internet, and Verio is taking a leadership by offering the first IPv6-enabled VPS solution to the market. Our initial offering utilizes a dual-stack architecture enabling you to support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and services.

    You can purchase dual-stack IPv6-enabled VPS v2 and MPS v2 accounts in our Tokyo, Data Center for the same price as our IPv4 accounts.

    is there any speed boost with IPv6?

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    From what I understand... I doubt it unless most of your destinations are using ipv6. Realistically... most of the world has yet to switch over so you would need to be tunneled through to ipv4 to reach everyone else which might even add some latency.

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