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    Question Transfer MySQL Without A Control Panel

    I am currently trying to transfer a website from a server with WHM/Cpanel to a server that doesn't have any control panel at all. I have transferred the files with SSH, but I am not sure how I can transfer the MySQL databases. I found the MySQL files on the old server and used wget to send them to the new server, but how can I connect to them?

    I put the files in /home/mysql/site_user with root access, not sure if this is correct though.

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    Use mysqldump at the source server and then load that dump on the target server using somthing like

    mysql -u username -p password < dumpdile.sql

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    Will that create the username and password for me?

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    No actually those are the mysql root credentials that you should put there because you have root access.

    Take a look at the following

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    mysqldump is the best way, however use /var/lib/mysql or just create the cpanel backup and then untar it, and move the mysql data files to /var/lib/mysql, but since its too one of our servers I will do it for you
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