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    submitting domain names to google seach etc


    There are 2 domains.One is a .com and the other .net.But the domain names are the same. But when i search google using just the name. The .net shows up as the very first item on page 1while the .com shows up on page 3.

    Why the difference?

    When i eventually do create my website what steps do i take to ensure that i website comes up first/often in the first few pages rather than on page 3 or 4.


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    Is it the same site, beyond the domain.? So there an identical site behind .com and .net.?
    If not, say if there are two different sites sharing the same ( domain ) name, the .net may just be more 'famous' than the .com one, it may have more linktos, be rated as more important because of the content, and so on.. ( I have a .net domain myself which is ranked better than the equivalant .com one.. )

    Just make sure your site is worth visiting and Google will treat and rank it nicely.. :)

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    Also the possiblity is that .net is the main domain whereas .com is parked on .net domain ..

    also the age of any domain does matter ... i.e if .net is old and .com is new .. then .net will be more search engine friendly
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    Is the same website hosted on the two domains?! / Favourite Web Hosting

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    One may have a higher Google Page Rank than the other (and therefore appear higher up the results list)

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