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    submitting domain names to google seach etc


    There are 2 domains.One is a .com and the other .net.But the domain names are the same. But when i search google using just the name. The .net shows up as the very first item on page 1while the .com shows up on page 3.

    Why the difference?

    When i eventually do create my website what steps do i take to ensure that i website comes up first/often in the first few pages rather than on page 3 or 4.


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    Is it the same site, beyond the domain.? So there an identical site behind .com and .net.?
    If not, say if there are two different sites sharing the same ( domain ) name, the .net may just be more 'famous' than the .com one, it may have more linktos, be rated as more important because of the content, and so on.. ( I have a .net domain myself which is ranked better than the equivalant .com one.. )

    Just make sure your site is worth visiting and Google will treat and rank it nicely.. :)

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    Is the same website hosted on the two domains?! / Favourite Web Hosting

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    One may have a higher Google Page Rank than the other (and therefore appear higher up the results list)

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