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    os commerce - good thing or bad

    I have been introduced to oscommerce and all its open source glory

    has any one here had any experience with it with regards to security?
    many thanks


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    I used it for a year or so before finally replacing the last site using it with a custom written cart... it did its job and I was never aware of any exploits.
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    Its great if you want to use it as is. However because of the includes and they way they are setup it is some times hard to customize.

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    Try CubeCart v3.

    Very nice package.
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    I've been using it for over 2 years for my store and I never had any security issues.
    For the PHP adept, it's very customizable and easy to use.

    I'll probably use it forever until I quit the business or decide to code my own.

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    I use osCommerce and have probably 20-30 contributions installed on my version I start with for clients.


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    We've been using osCommerce for over three years with several customers, I think is great, but you should know how to fix a few bugs that you may find around.

    There are a lot of versions of osCommerce, one of the bests are osMAX
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