Hi. Hope anyone can give some help here.

My situation is I'm a reseller who is using WHM and Cpanel in Server A. I have a backup server B and is running only Qmail + Vpopmail (with Mysql). The purpose for server B is to run emails only.

I like to migrate emails from server A to server B. I can setup the identical email address from server A to server B by merely creating email account manually. However, i'm stuck with the email passwords. I do not know how to transfer/ or copy from server A to B. I have little knowledge in either Cpanel and Qmail/Vpopmail. Can anyone advice me how to migrate the email passwords?

Also, I have ask the company and they are not getting me the root password. I did check on some files (/mail) in Cpanel. They did contain excrypted passwords, but when I copied them to Qmail/Vpopmail, they were not working. : (

Any great ideas, guys?