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    Zonedite DNS failover - just not getting it

    My first post here - I must say it's a fantastic resource.

    Anyhow, I'm trying to perform some tests for relative availability of my webserver that's on a dedicated win2003 box, I want to run a 2nd box and have it waiting to kick in if the other goes down, I figure this is going to be easier than migrating the whole lot to a provider that will give me failover load balancing etc etc etc. We generally have two or three critical periods in a year during specific trade shows when we provide day to day news coverage.

    I'm doing the research into how to make this feasible without too much of an upheaval and have come across the Zoneedit failover service. As I'm already using them to host my DNS it should make sense.

    Unfortunately the explaination of how this works is not quite detailed enough to convince me that I'm doing it right.

    I'm testing with setup on my win box with a single IP address.
    I've added a failover monitor which looks for some text in a page, it seems to monitor this ok and did email when it's down (which it purposely is at present)

    I've added a account (without assigning and IP in Zonedit) to one of our linux boxes and pointed the fail IP/URL field to this IP .

    So ZE sends me this email:

    Wed Nov 23 10:06:28 2005 - Both primary and backup failed, site returned 200
    and pattern matched

    but the new site is not taking over - any ideas? Or if anyone knows of an idiots guide to setting this up properly - I'd appreciate a link.

    Many thanks
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