(Who wouldn't want to use this service to tell all their friends and family about their new arrival, could have pics and everything in the notification email, could also link up with the target gift registry, very high potential here)


This is generic, a very brandable name for the allergy industry. Don't pass it up.

$20 Ovt w/ext 33 (39 Views 7 Clicks This Month)

This is a domain I picked up when it had ovt w/ext 200, this month it's went back down to normal at 33.


$50 (Some spammer would love to own this one)
$50 (Big Keyword In The MLM World)
$50 (Military Talk)
$50 (I see this as a gangsta style clothing store)


$50 for both +

The names below are also brandable but required a bit more explanation. They are all at moniker.


Even though it's 3 years away it's time to be building a site that follows the elections so it will be big when election time rolls around. You aren't limited to the presidential election though, there are hundreds of elections across the world to cover and you'll have the most memorable site name of them all. Offering the following set of very brandable names.


Asking $125 for the set.


Here's a great branded company name which includes .com, .net, and .org names with logo and business card.

I have a zip file with very large vectors, as well as gifs of the logo, and ready to send to the printer .eps files for the business card.


You can view the logo and business card here:

Asking $100 for the whole package.


Please include your namecheap account name, or moniker acct id and transaction id in the comments section of your payment.

Payment to be made via paypal to [email protected]

Post sold to claim.