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    Wtd: Templates for our CMS

    We sell a CMS / ECommerce system and the templates we currently have are rubbish (I did them so I'm entitled to say so ). I'm looking for people to design us some more templates. I'll pay $100 a template for good ones. No coding or css is needed. All I require is a simple html page.

    What we want is some electronics stores, flowers, book stores, furniture, recruitment, dating. If you're interested then pm me for further details (with some examples of what you can do).

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    Do you supply the images/pics? Stock photography sites somehow have restrictions on using licensed images for templates.

    Web designers may want to know what materials you can offer on your end.

    Thank you very much.

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    Could you please give your mail id so that we can send our portfolio for your reference.

    We look forward to hear a positive reply from you and work with you in long term.


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