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Thread: Need Reviews!

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    Need Reviews!

    Dear Members,

    we need reviews over our new design,

    what changes could be bought in,


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    Here it goes.

    First impression: The site feels quite confusing, with inconsistant color themes and over crammed with information.

    #1. You need to go back and decide the basic things regarding the page.
    Find out what colors you want to use, and stick with them. The forum skin colors are decent, so I suggest you use them for the rest of the layout. Change the sidebars, footer and the grey top boxes to fit the skin.

    #2. Get rid of that big header. Your logo dissapears when you scroll down the page, and back up again. I had to refresh the page to make it visible again. I suggest a smaller logo, there is too much white space at the top compared to the rest of the site.

    #3. The footer is not very appealing, and I doubt you will receive many clicks on that ads down there. The main thing is that its too messy and confusing. Try and make it more organized and intergrate it with the forum skin footer.

    #4. The google ads color is not very pretty, and does not go well with your site colors (see point #1). Studies have proved that these kind of ads work best when integrated well into the site's layout, colorwise and content wise.

    Finally, I would recommend that you change the site width to "fixed width" instead of "fluid". You have so much information on the page that you need to make it more easy to navigate, read and browse. Doing that will make it easier on the eyes.

    I know this review might sound harsh, but im just giving you my honest review. I hope it's helpfull and you can use it to improve your site.

    Good luck with your site.
    - Björgvin Guðmundsson

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