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    Cool Hurry!!! Pentium 4 3.0 (2MB cache) with HT - 10Mbps Unmetered (Fully Managed Server)

    DataCenter: HKNet.Com (HongKong) - Setup Time is 24 - 48 hours
    Available Servers: 3

    Pentium 4 3.0 2MB Cache with HT
    160GB SATA Hard Drive
    80GB SATA Hard Drive (For Backup)
    1024MB RAM
    Bandwidth: 10Mbps Unmetered
    IP Addresses: 2
    Monitoring System: http, ftp, smtp, pop3, whm
    CentOS 4.2
    WHM/CPanel Included ( see )
    Auto Installer Scripts Included ( see )
    RVskin Included (see )
    Fully Managed (See below Details)

    Monthly Fee Options:
    $175 | $90 Setup

    Speed Test:

    Fully Managed Details:

    - Compiler / fetch app. limiting. (limits access to compilers)
    - Logwatch installation and configuration (Sends a detailed daily report of server events based on logs)
    - Host.conf & sysctl hardening (spoof protection and basic ddos protection)
    - Installation and configuration of APF (restricts access to unneeded ports) with ANTI-DOS
    - Installation of security updates by OS/Control panel Vendor
    - Noexec, Nosuid temporary directorys (noexec directories such as /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm)
    - LibSafe Installation (software level attack buffer. Prevents buffer overflow attacks)
    - CHkrootkit (checks for possible rootkits on the server.)
    - Php Open_Basedir Tweak
    - BFD - (Brute Force Detection)
    - ClamAV + ExiScan Installation (email virus/spam scanning)
    - RBL/DNSBL Thru Exim with RBL Whitelist, Blocklist & Bypass integrated with,,, and for spamming
    - Install Forge Helo To Protect From Using The Server For Spamming
    - Install Exim Dictionary Attack
    - Secure kernel default
    - Secure ports
    - Install PRM ( Process Resource Monitor ) to monitor processes and kill overloading in the server
    - Install SPRI ( System Priority ) to control server load
    - Install Mod_Security with massive custom rules
    - Secure root login
    - Secure sshd port
    - Fix RNDC
    - Fix DNS for binding
    - Optimize Apache
    - Optimize MySQL
    - Optimize PHP
    - Compile PHP
    - Update Softwares
    - Update Cpanel to the latest version
    - Install Cpanel PRO
    - Install softwares (i.e MRTG) per your request
    - Monitor your server every month
    - Update your server every month
    - Assist you for any problem with your server to make it run smoothly
    - and more...

    Payment Accepted: Credit Card or Paypal

    Email us at to order.

    JoneSolutions.Com is on the net providing services and support 24/7 since 2001.

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    Thats a very good deal..... but Im getting 10kbps download speed here in Toronto, Canada.

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    getting 7 kb/s, to Cleveland, OH.

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    Michigan, USA
    I am getting 6kb/s

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    Yes, I am getting 9.43K/s from USA which is not normal.

    There is a problem with our network upstream. We are looking at this now.
    JoneSolutions.Com is on the net providing services and support 24/7 since 2001.

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    from netherlands it's basicly starting at 20kb/s but it was going quickly to around 7kb/s

    will check it again when you have fixed any possible problem

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    Yes, it will be fixed soon (tomorrow or the next day). They are already aware of it.

    I will update here.
    JoneSolutions.Com is on the net providing services and support 24/7 since 2001.

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    still running at 7.1kb for me (in the UK)

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    This is fixed now.

    I have one server available with free setup. Please email us if you want to order.
    JoneSolutions.Com is on the net providing services and support 24/7 since 2001.

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