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Thread: what to do?

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    what to do?

    Several weeks ago, i hired onemotion to do work for me. his communication skills were pretty good so i decided to give him a try. The first task, he handled pretty well so i decided to give him a bigger project to do. This project was a whole different story, he didn't show me anything for a long time. i had to talk directly with his programmar to get a few things done. the deadline for the project was 2 weeks. but it has no become 5 weeks and counting. i have found out many things about Adam Ellifritt, he claims he is 24 online but in reality he is just 17. Things got really bad so me and adam made a deal. The project should be completed on November 9th 2005 or 300 dollars would be taken off each day its not completed. It is now the 14th and he has still not shown me anything. I have tried to talk with his programmar, but he would not work because Adam has not paid him. in result i have paid a few thousand dollars for a site that doesn't work.

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    For future reference I strongly reccomend checking your sources and looking into what formal methods of contact you can make with them. A simple AIM conversation or email is usually not enough to prove someone is not only skilled, but has the ability to keep their clients updated. Look for a website or phone number.

    As for your problem, if you have paid nothing for the new project, canacel it now. Cut any losses you made and move it on to another programmer. Most younger people can do the small stuff they know how to do very easily, however, when they move to bigger projects esp. ones that require alot of communication, they fail and are very unlikley to tell you that they are unable to make it.

    Protect what investment you made on your site and move it to somene who can get it up to speed. As for the kid, contact him anyway you can to get money back and tell him your ready to cancel your project with him. Try to stay on him if money is already been paid for work that has not been completed.

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    Why not give a try... granted it's a little more expensive but your guaranteed things like this do not happen.

    Getting your money back.. find out were the kid lives if you can, drive up (distance permitted) and have a chat with his parents.
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    Interesting. I did a business check on Onemotion Studios comes up clear and registered with washington as well as Northwest Anglers. He has to be over 18 to do that, looks like there might be a little something different involved with the coder. Sometimes is something goes wrong the coder will do all they can to ruin them.

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