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    Gaming Template [Must See]

    What's included upon purchase?

    Fully layered PSD (Each layer is named and in its specific set with 40 Sets which makes it much easier when/if you decide to edit this design).
    Banner PSD (Fully layered & named)
    All of the fonts used
    All HTML files
    GIF Images
    JPG Image
    Copyright removal
    Resell Rights


    Main Template Design
    Sets Screenshot 1
    Sets Screenshot 2
    Sets Layout Each layer is named like this.

    How much will all of this cost?

    BIN $100 USD


    Payment Method:

    Paypal is the only method for the payment.

    When the money is sent, how long will it take for me to receive the template?

    Instantly. This template is already coded.

    Can I buy the PSD without the HTML files?

    No. It comes as one whole package.

    Will this be sold again?

    No. It will only be sold once

    Yes I am reselling this I did not create it but own it.

    If anyone has any further questions, then feel free to contact me via the following:

    MSN [email protected]
    AIM tascamradeon
    Email - [email protected]
    Reply to this thread or send me a private message.

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    Explain this

    I am intersted in the template if it costs 50 dollars not 100 by the way.

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    Just about to say the same.

    It is a nice template though - whoever made it!

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    I simply purchased it and am reselling it. I have requested the original poster to post it is sold.

    Thanks for the intrest.

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    OK he has posted in the other thread

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    Current Bid: $75

  7. Hmm I am interested. Anyway I can contact you via aim or msn for some questions?
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    Current Bid $79
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