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    Post Help installing SSL cert. [willing to pay]

    Hello, Im trying to install an SSL cert. I just got in WHM, however, it says that its already on that server, i know its not, because this is the first time im trying to do it.

    After i click DOIT it says...
    Attempting to verify your certificate..... Modulus mismatch, key file does not match certificate. Please use the correct key file
    Key Modulus

    Crt Modulus
    Modulus=A76CA188536F5F1628BC26797F44738A62FDF1A26480C986FBDCBA1D0FC22BBE75C2E88 BLA BLA BLA.... more letters and numbers.

    Please send a PM or an email to rjnsmith (@) gmail (.) com if you can help.
    Im willing to pay $5-$10 via paypal if it works.

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    Ryan Smith

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    So you have allready generated the .csr and .key and have bought the certificate? Are you sure you submitted the correct csr when purchasing the certificate?

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    Yes...... I have the entire cert. however, it will say somthing like "key not found" or somthing like that
    Ryan Smith

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    I can do it for FREE of cost. Please contact me. Please sent a personal message to me if you interested.

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