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    IOJ/Bluecapacity, need help.

    (previous post gone puff due to url link, if it appears, sorry for the doube post)

    First of all, I found this site when I was using google to search on IOJ/Bluecapacity, and saw the user 'bluecapacity' has posted here before. If this post is in the wrong forum section, I apologize.

    I signed up as preferred member with in early 2004. Service was good and I had no problems, until the site went down around June/July 2005. The webmaster promised that the site will come back up, and asked us to send him our account info for refund later. You can see the whole story at - text there hasn't changed.

    Long story short, IOJ stopped responding to my emails around July 2005, and my request to have the account canceled wasn't heard either. Both IOJ site and paypal receipt list BC as business name, with ioj(at)bluecapacity(dot)com as contact email, and 602-276-4000 as a contact number.

    It's November 2005 and paypal still collects $3.00 per month. I sent emails to the listed email address and received no replies, I tried to call and there was just a regular 'leave your message after the tone.'

    What can I do to cancel this non-existing service, and maybe get refund? At this point I don't really care about the money part...3 bucks a month isn't much, but I'm not paying for nothing.

    I also checked bluecapacity's forum, but it looks like a ghosttown, so I figured I might get advise/suggestions here.

    Once again, I'm sorry if this turns out to be a double post or in the wrong section. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    If your paying with Paypal, you can login to your paypal account and cancel the subscription.
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    yep, cancel the subscription, call paypal, submit a dispute, and wait..... Find a new host, do your research and move on. Unfortunately there are a number of these companies in the industry and these stories happen all too often!

    Best of Luck
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    They sure do. I see this type of story here from time to time. The hosting market is so over-saturated it seems, there are all those gold-diggers who enter the market trying to make a quick buck - then they fall flat, leaving their customers hanging.

    I hope you will have better luck next time. Do your research, go only with well-reputed hosts that have a track record (I know all new hosts that read this will be angry).
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    Doh, well, I guess it's not a huge loss since I still have all the pics stored on the comp.

    Thank you for the replies.

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    Very unfortunate. Sorry to hear that this has happened to you. It's surprising how companies would risk theyre reputation for just a few bucks.

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    Yep, the funny thing is, IOJ was supposedly hosted by digitaltoxicity, and whoever ran that hosting service did the same to bluecapacity. All bluecapacity (according to the message at IOJ site) had on digitaltoxicity's owner was a name and a cell number.

    I actually looked up the name, Alex Vanino, and found where he worked and who he worked with. I sent the info to bluecapacity and all that, but they didn't bother to respond either.

    Going to contact BBB and see if they can do something about this.

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