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    Transfering NameServer Domain Name to new Registerar

    The primary domain on my webserver, which also has the and associated to it is about to expire.

    I was thinking of transfering it over from to my DirectI Reseller account. Will the transfer cause any downtime ? Because i cannot affoard downtime (have some very big sites hosted on it )

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    Transfer process should not be create any problem with any domain.
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    Most likely there will be a small amount of downtime when transferring a domain from GoDaddy to DirectI. Thought maybe not. This is more of a question to ask GoDaddy as I'm sure there are certain registrars they can transfer to where there is 0 down time.

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    Well I would think there'll be no downtime since the DNS records are the same in TLD servers. Am I right?

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    We've usually experienced zero down time, as we never noticed when domains propagate... If you're not sure, and it's important enough for you, just renew your domain with GoDaddy once more if you need to, meanwhile, test with another domain (that you might have with GoDaddy, I don't know...), whilst monitoring the site with a good site uptime service...
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