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    Hard Drive Speed...

    If you had your choice of the following which would you choose and why?

    -100 GB 4200 rpm
    -80 GB 5400 rpm

    Im looking at getting one of the two HDs in a laptop with pentium M.

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    Edit: Nevermind. Just read the post and saw it's for a laptop. I'd get the 5,400 RPM with 80GB (but thats me).

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    Quote Originally Posted by varg
    Neither... why not get a 200GB 7,200 RPM HDD for say $85? I'd never own a 5,400 RPM again...
    Shame it won't fit in his new laptop

    My old laptop had a 4200RPM drive, and my current has a 5400RPM drive. Can't see a huge amount of difference in day to day work.

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    Well, I want the most battery life, so I am assuming a slower speed would result in less energy. But I can reverse that and say, the longer it has to spin the more energy its gonna take.

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    I'll go with the 5400 hdd.. There is a huge difference in the performance when we get a faster HDD. Actually 7200rpm hdd for laptops (though not very popular) are the best.

    In terms of getting the most of your laptop battery ... well there are many other methods for it. e.g. lower the LCD brightness, Take a laptop with a 12inch lcd or smaller, reduce the cpu speed when doing just things like email, browsing... etc..

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