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    * MJZ Web Hosting doesn't want your business!

    But you undoubtedly want ours!

    Do you find yourself sneering in contempt at this public service announcement? If so, you are a winner! To claim your prize, set your eyes upon the title of this thread and follow the instructions while scoffing in a self compensating yet passively quizzical manner at this truistic rhetoric taking the incongruous appearance of one possible negative approximation of your darkest potential nightmare and another expediently true approximation of your unparalleled proverbial comrade. However, only after referencing and reflecting upon the abundant amounts of borrowed pseudo-knowledge which stagnantly lies readily accessible within your worthwhile cognitive storage facilities and serves to masquerade as valid rationalizations for styles unknown to your hidden self, should you march onward to victory.

    We the faithful step outside this commerce:

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    P.S. The above statement of truth may seem like obfuscation, but that's exactly the way they want it to look. We're in over our heads.

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