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    Setting up a parking page service

    Does anyone know how to setup a simple doamin parking service?

    Eg, domain pointed to and and when the domain is loaded a default page is displayed say containing some info that this domain was recently registered.

    Is this type of thing easy to setup? Any hints?

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    you would probably need a script that generates the dns zone file that creates an address (A) record to your parking web server. Also generate and add the required master/slave entries to your named.conf (assuming use on BIND) then

    kill -HUP your nameservers to load the new zone file.

    If your document root on your webserver is your parking page, you are done, otherwise, have your script generate a <virtualhost> directive for the domain, add it to httpd.conf and reload apache.

    I have a script the generates all these pieces, however I install them manually for now.

    Wiseburn Networks

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    could this be a propagation delay?

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