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    overusage period

    Hi, guys! Please, help me to resolve the contradiction.
    My billing period starts from 23 date of each month and ended on 24 date of next month.
    Now I get an invoice there overusage is counted basing on period from 1st to 31 date of month.
    I don't agree with such calculation.
    And moreover in the terms of service there is no info concerning any difference between billing period and period of overusage.

    Please any advise!

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    Well, if they offer you 500GB/Month, I think it would be reasonable to assume they mean 500GB/per calendar month, as is the industry average.

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    If they are charging you from date X to date X then that should be the same dates used for measurement. If however like most hosts after the first month they just bill you at the end of the month then it is likely a calendar month measurement.

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