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    Adult Webhosting?

    Do you guys know any good, cheap, reliable, webhosts that will allowed adult related material? 18+?

    Most of the stuff will be pretty softcore, model type videos and ect, but some of the stuff are kind of explicit.

    Im going to be hosting videos for models that range around 20 megs a pop or so. Im wanting to go with a small plan and see how much bandwidth the site consumes and then mabe move on to a bigger plan untill mabe one day the site will be big enough and ill move on to a dedicated server.

    So it would be nice if the webhost had no commitment.

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    If you search around you will find many companies that allow this type of content. Just make sure that everything that you are going to present is legal. What I mean by that is not many or if any hosts will allow you to post child pornography or things of that nature.

    Just be sure to look over their TOS carefully.

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    Every good hosts that I found, It says nothing in there TOS about it but when I email them about it, they say that if its nude or link to any sites with nudes then its not allowed.... 5 out of the 6 sites ive hit up said that..... the sixth... well its a yearly commitment, and the 7th , i havnt received an email back from.

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    Alot of companies out there allow adult content, you just have to take some time and search. Most companies would state it in their TOS if this is allowed.

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