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    please suggest a reliable host for a legal web site.


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    static, dynamic, loaded, traffic, what tools are you looking for, there is no good host, there is a good host for this, and another for that !
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    What is your budget? Do you have a specific disk space and bandwidth requirement? Do you plan on hosting additional websites or domain?

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    Like WN-Ali says, you need to be much more specific! Also, do you need a database? More than one? How many mailboxes do you need? Do you want Linux or Windows hosting? How many subdomains? What language do you plan on using to code the site? Will you need Frontpage extensions?

    These, along with WN-Ali's response, will give you a better chance at locating a proper host. Good luck!
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    have a search with some of the web hosting directories for the features in which you are looking. Then research the companies and make a decision based on which one fits you best.
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    Hi there! a legal web site sounds like serious business... (glad it's not an il-legal one!)
    Seriously, I guess you have a static site with modest traffic... you can get a good deal for like $10/month; just be sure to shop around and check the customer verdict on them... then make your own judgement...
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