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    [Please Help] Illustrator and Transparency

    Here is my situation: I am making a graphic logo using Illustrator 10, exporting as and eps file and then placing it in indesign. However I need the backround to be transparent, not white. Does anyone know how to to make the backround transparent in Illustrator and preserve it through eps into indesign?

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    Is the logo built totally in Illustrator? placed images or anything?........the reason I ask is because I just tried it and it worked for me with no white background.

    When you saved the file as eps, there is a pop-up pref window comes up before you save the file..........what are those settings on your eps file?
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    No placed images, I made it from scartch in illustrator. I dont have Illustrator and Indesign here but what settings did you use for your eps? Also, are there settings in illustrator to make the backround transparent (I'm not very familiar with illustrator) ?

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    Now when I save it as an EPS on a Mac, below are the settings that show in the "EPS options" window.

    Macintosh (8-bit Color)

    Overprints: Preserve

    Embed Fonts - checked

    Nothing checked

    Adobe PostScript: LanguageLevel 2
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    Did you do something in illustrator itself before you saved in eps such as modify transparency or something?

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    No, I think you should be OK.........I would give it try first to see how it responds.
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    I dont have illustrator and indesign at home so I wont be able to try again until monday.

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    No problem.......when you do get a chance to try it, if you have anymore trouble just post the settings you are using and I can see if I can help out.........again I tried it this morning and it worked just fine.
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