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    Web Design Needed - $300-380! for Gaming Server Rental Company!

    Pro Gaming Servers Web Site Design Brief:
    Gaming Server Rental Site, Flash header/menu , PHP, $300-380

    Budget: $300-380

    Full requirements:
    Pro Gaming Servers :

    Intro : Pro Gaming Servers is a UK Based gaming server rental company just starting up, we are looking for a site to be designed and built for us. We currently have 1 mock-up design that has been produced for us and we are looking for something in a similar tpye of stlye / layout / design. You can see a preview of this mock up here:


    Time Given: we are looking for out site to be fully built and up and running very soon, but please show me some sample layouts / mock-ups.

    Header - A tech / clan looking header with characters from certain games on, eg. Half Life 2, Call of duty, Quake 4, Battlefiled etc. Also header must be flash with tech looking flash effects. Perhaps a logo built into the banner that has some sort of flash effect on it. See example mock-up layout listed above.

    Menu / Navigation:
    Flash links, tech looking, perhaps a over sound when clicked.
    Links (any order) :
    About Us
    Games Hosted
    Server Specs
    Test Servers
    Dedicated Servers
    Contact Us
    Web Hosting
    Clan Templates
    Custom Design
    Voice Servers

    Content - There must be several content boxes on each part of the site for images,text,links etc to go in. I would like to be able to update the content (the text/images) with ease, as i have very little web knowledge using programs to edit etc, perhaps have a Admin Login box on the site where i can login from anywhere and update the site.

    Main Content:

    2.News ( a part where I can post news.. with dates I posted it , perhaps a news script)
    3.New Games Avaliable

    Left Hand Side Boxes (in order):

    1.Navigation / Menu
    2.Special Offers
    3.Accepted Payments
    4.Advertisement (which can be changed with ease)

    Right Hand Side Boxes (in order)

    1.Gaming Panel Login
    2.Quick Support
    3.Advertisement box
    4.Site Admin Panel Login (near the bottom, only for my use / yours to update site.)

    Please see here:
    This is a example of what im looking for in relation to design, theme, layout, content etc.

    Website name, trademark or brand name: Pro Gaming Servers

    Desired tagline:
    Professional Servers for Professional Gamers. Or anything professional and catchy that you may be able to come up with.

    Colour scheme: Dark

    Desired style: Tech/Clan/Gaming/Hosting/Dark

    Any Questions please e-mail:
    [email protected]

    Thank You.


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    I can do this for $340

    Hi have designed

    Please let me know if you are interested.


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    Hello, Well be sure to check out this example : - this should give you some idea of what im looking for, something gaming / clan related but of course a hosting theme to, im looking for a dark / tech look as i have said in the design brief , please e-mail me if you can help, e-mail me at : [email protected]

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    hello, could any desinger that wises to proceed with my project, design a sample layout / mock-up of what they have in mind for me.
    Please see here:
    This is a example of what im looking for in relation to design, theme, layout, content etc.

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    Anyone able to?

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    youll have a hard time finding anyone into higly graphical stuff most people here are only good at quick business type layouts..but i am very good with clantype designs. id love tot alk more with you on a messenger. thanks
    brandon williams

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    ive added you ;-)

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    ^Agree with 1hoster.

    I also can help you with this. I would like to talk to you on a messenger.

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