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    Selling Conditional ( FULL ) Adspace, Best for advertising networks

    I am offering 468x60 or 728x90 full adspace at the top and bottom of each page at Below are pricing structures and statistical information.

    Top & Bottom Banner ( your own adcode** )
    $150 USD per month ( 468x60 )
    $225 USD per month ( 728x90 )
    $300 USD per 3 months ( 468x60 )
    $400 USD per 3 months ( 728x90 )
    $675 USD per 6 months ( 468x60 )
    $800 USD per 6 months ( 728x90 )

    ** Your adcode may only be for a banner of the size you paid. You may have seperate code for top & bottom, you may have the code as code for a banner rotation system. Your adcode may not use any popup/popunder/page redirection/word linking/spyware or adware activating systems. Advertising networks / Google Adsense allowed.

    Your ad's wont be placed in a rotation they will be shown 24/7.

    Statistics currently are;
    Nov 2005 Unique Visitors 157 Number of Visits 288 Pages 6854 Hits 49324 Bandwidth 267.04 MB

    These new forums have been open for 12 days now. The members and posts where transferred from on the 8th of november.

    The forums are currently powered by vBulletin 3.5.1 and have;
    387 Threads, 8,576 Posts, 162 Members & 16 Active Members.

    We are currently hosted by and have experienced no downtime with fast server loads.

    Majority of our users are scifi fans, mostly from the US & UK with a small ammount from Australia and an even smaller ammount from other countries.

    If our statistics do not impress you, When an ad purchase for more than $200 USD is made, we will invest the full ammount immediately into a well planned advertising campaign on many other stargate related websites. This is expected to increase our posts and members by up to 300% over a short period of time.

    If you are interested please E-Mail me on;
    [email protected]

    or MSN;
    [email protected]

    I currently accept PayPal or international bank deposit ( I am currently living in Australia )

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    I see no alexa rating, and PR of 0. Do you have any traffic on the sites? if so, which ones get traffic?

    No offense, but those prices are outrageous for what you've posted.

    Good luck though

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    No alexa rating because the site only opened on the 8th of Nov. It was previously

    The price may be outrageous, but that is simply because this adcampaign funds my own campaign for which will more than quad the active members, posts and such. And dont forget, this is for your full own adcode for top and bottom of every page. You arent placed in a rotation, it's fully your adspace for as long as you buy it and you can rent it off to other people.

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