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    Exclamation Flash Game Arcade PlayCMS Script! From $20! *NEW* 533 Pre-Installed Games Pack!

    We're proud to announce that our new 533 game preinstalled PlayCMS license pack is now available! The 533 games include the 115 games included with the 115 game pack plus another 418 new, never included before freeware flash games! With 533 games, your visitors are almost guaranteed to never get bored! Also, the new 533 game preinstalled pack runs on PlayCMS 2.0, a large upgrade from the original PlayCMS 1.0! Get a one domain PlayCMS 2.0 license along with the 533 preinstalled games pack for only $50! That's the same price as our original 115 game preinstalled pack!

    Our highly-rated 115 game preinstalled PlayCMS license pack has been lowered to only $30 per license! That's 40% off of our original listed price! The 115 game preinstalled PlayCMS license pack runs on PlayCMS 1.0.

    PlayCMS allows webmasters to open and control their own flash game websites with ease. Visitors can find games with various methods, play them, and rate them. PlayCMS is written in PHP and connected to a MySQL database to store game information making the script fast and efficient.

    Features (PlayCMS 2.0):
    -Rating system built-in, 1-10.
    -Games accessible from various locations.
    -Instructions available on game page.
    -Author information available on game page.
    -Online control panel for admin access.
    -Ability to link to off-site games.
    -Add/Remove/Edit games and categories in the admin panel.
    -Counted game plays.
    -Latest games list.
    -Most played games list.
    -Categories/pages module.
    -Easy to integrate into a seperate design.


    License Options:
    One domain license for PlayCMS 2.0- $20
    Use PlayCMS on a single website for the low price listed above.

    One domain license for PlayCMS 2.0 with Installation - $30
    Have PlayCMS installed on your server and recieve a license for one domain.

    One domain license for PlayCMS with 115 games pre-installed and pages module in action - Only $30! 40% off our original price!

    115 Preinstalled Games Demo

    One domain license for PlayCMS 2.0 with 533 games pre-installed - Only $50!

    533 Preinstalled Games Demo

    Resale rights (unlimited domains) for PlayCMS - $500
    Buy resale rights to PlayCMS to sell to your own customers or use on multiple websites. Contact us for more details on the resale license.

    Contact us with the form located on our site with any questions or shoot me a PM. Thanks for looking!

    Rick Berwick
    Owner of

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    PlayCMS 2.1 is here! In PlayCMS 2.1, we have included mod_rewrite, a long-awaited and much-wanted addition to PlayCMS. By including mod_rewrite, the pages (which look like HTML, static pages) are more friendly to search engines and are therefore indexed in a better way. With mod_rewrite, the amount of search engine traffic can skyrocket with the correct promotion techniques. Our original low pricing still applies for PlayCMS 2.1... Buy your copy today!

    All of the above packages (excluding the 115 game pack) are now running on PlayCMS 2.1 with mod_rewrite!

    Rick Berwick

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