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Thread: Windows VPS

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    Windows VPS


    I need a Microsoft Windows 2003 VPS with this specs:

    Hard Drive Space: 10000 Mb /
    Guaranteed RAM: 256 MB
    MS SQL Server
    Control Panel: Helm
    Remote Desktop Connection
    2 IP

    I have available 25 monthly dollars ...

    I need them to suggest me some company that VPS offers with these specifications


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    890 Offer all that above. Try their site, you won't get better mate.

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    just what I wanted to ask too! but didnt know there was a "manage/unmanaged" thing too :-/ today is not my day for finding a VPS provider!

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    I don't think you can find a good provider for 25 bucks a month for what you are asking for. You really should up your budget.

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    well it was up'd from a shared hosting solution lol.

    Oh i dont know. I'm stuck. Can't find the right solution. Wish I could host it on my own server in the house but bandwidth of course is the issue (and the ISP)

    anyone want to go half way?

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    DEHE is offering 50% discount. It will end today. I must say that their support is really really really outstanding. They provide highest level of VPS hosting with quality service and support.

    Grad the deal before it ends...

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    Thanks but i cannot see that deal. If it's 49 USD then its too much. PLUS I've heard bad things about Virtuozzo

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    Well, if you don't like Virtuozzo, you should change forum and goto dedicated servers.

    good luck

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    or find a vmware host.

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