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    Need a program for my Windows PC, Autofill field script

    Hello, I hope I posted this in the correct forum, but I need a programmer who can create a program for me that allows me to autofill custom fields. I know about Roboform but that is not really what I want. In fact it would need to work exactly like this software:

    The only problem with that software is that it has a default list of sites, and I would like to be able to visit any site in my browser and have it autofill certain fields. Please pm me if you can do this and I am willing to pay. Thanks

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    The google toolbar can do some of this for you, and its free. However, you should really post this in the other offers and requests forum I will have a mod move it for you.

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    Thanks, yes I am aware of the google toolbar but it doesn't fill fields such as "url, description, title, etc"

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    Anyone please?

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    Hello lexington,

    did you try "custom fields" when you used RoboForm? I use RoboForm for article submissions (and for directory submissions too) and usually need not more then 2 clicks - 1 for filling in the fields and 1 for submiting the form.

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    Yes but I would like my own form that simply fills these out instead of all of the other things on it that I will never use.

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