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    Something that works well with platypus...

    Hey guys,

    I've been doing webhosting for a few years now, mostly as a side business to our main business which is an ISP. We're currently using platypus for our billing, and we have a series of custom-created scripts for managing web accounts. It was done in-house though and the person who developed the solution for us is no longer with us, so it's getting really hard for me to manage it. None of it is documented, so whenever I upgrade something I get to spend the next few days wondering why something else is not working. It's getting to the point where I NEED to find something else.

    So, I've been looking at things like plesk, cpanel, etc. What I really need is something that can work well with platypus. I don't mind coding little snippets to get platypus to talk to it. But I'm really interested in a whole package kinda deal. Not looking for freebies, I just need something that's robust and works well.

    All of our servers are running freebsd, so it'd really need to be something that can run on Linux/FreeBSD (FBSD can run most Linux apps with little to no tweaking)

    Does anyone have any experience with a *really* good webhosting front-end and platypus?

    Thanks in advance,


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