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    Virtual vers Dedicated?

    Can someone please explain to me what the difference is?

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    simply put, a virtual server is a program running on a real computer that will mimic the real computer, allowing you to have more than one server running on a computer. This allows multiple clients to run off of a machine rather than having one machine per client.

    There are many drawbacks, but in some cases, it is a very valuable tool.

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    Give me ideas of benefits and drawbacks please? Our site needs to move from a shared server to something else bigger.. I have no administration knowledge of servers, I've always used shared servers..

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    simply google something like

    dedicated vs virtual server

    and i am sure you will get tons more than i can offer Ü.. cheers, drew..
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    Greetings! There are managed and unmanaged VPS- and dedicated server accounts.
    From the impression I get, you should probably go with a managed VPS account. It works kind of like having your own server, although you are actually sharing a server with a few other accounts. The price tag might be around $50/month or so.
    Look for reputable hosts that offer this type of service. Good Luck!
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    i would suggest as a large concern would be how many resources are left in the running virtual server after the hosting software like Virtuozzo/Plesk or whatever you use. Why you may have virtually (no pun intended ) no programs running, you might be seeing a pegged processor and this will greatly affect your performance.

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