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    Recommendation for unlimited domain & unlimited mysql

    Please give me some recommended hosts that offer unlimited domain and unlimited mysql. I don't use much bandwidth but hate having to get charged each time I want to add a new domain or mysql database. I want to avoid "unlimited bandwidth" hosts.

    What are some typical price ranges for unlimited domain with unlimited mysql?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I agree that most companies out there do offer unlimted features. You just have to look for them.
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    I guess I can go look for reseller hosting to get unlimited domain and unlimited mySQL.

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    I think Host Gator offers unlimited mySQL and unlimited domain with their Baby plan. The cost is $10 per month. It is quite reasonable and they appear to have a solid reputation.

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    Right, this is one example ^ ^ ^ of such a host.
    It is very common nowadays with such offers. I advice you to check the reputation of any host before signing up.
    Good Luck!
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