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    Free Dog Traing website - $400+ per month in adsense income


    Monthly revenue: $400

    This site is a free dog training resource site. It contains information on dog training and includes 120 dog training articles plus 44 dog related jokes. A random article is displayed on the main page each time the page is loaded. This gives the site some different content which the search engines love to see. A joke of the day can also be viewed. Everything is fully automatic and there is nothing to do with the site.

    All of the articles were imported from The site includes a special import engine that will automatically place the article in the article database when you email the article.

    The site also includes a RSS feed that will display the last 20 articles added to the site. This rss feed has been submitted to all of the major rss directories and is presently being viewed by many rss readers.

    I do use google adwords to promote this site with 0.05 bids. I spend about $100 per month in advertising and that still leaves an average of about $300 per month profit after expenses. The site does receive natural traffic and advertising is not necessary, but you will not make as big as a profit with advertising.

    I will be including the all of the ad texts and all keywords to the winnner of the auction. There are presently 6 sperate ads with a total of 634 keywords. Most of the keywords are active at all times. All of this is included with the sale.

    This site will only be sold once. It is not a Turnkey Site.

    I will assist the buyer in moving the hosting account and domain name. The buyer can leave the site on my server for only $2.99 per month.

    Proof Of Income:
    Sept Adsense
    Oct Adsense

    Proof Of Traffic:
    Sept Traffic
    Oct Traffic

    Refer Stats:
    Sept Traffic
    Oct Traffic

    Payment: Paypal Only

    Auction: Yes

    Starting Bid: $1500

    BIN: $3000

    Please Note: I reserve the right to refuse any bids and to cancel this auction at any time

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    Present High Bid is $1600

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    The higest bidder is now $1700

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    Site sold at BIN. Payment Pending.

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