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    css question anchor tags

    Hello All,

    Ok I would like to change my anchor tag attributes for my images. Right now I have an orange hover link background, but I do not want that color hovering over or under my images, how do you code that? i can't seem to figure it out.

    thank you


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    a img { background:none }

    This tells the browser anytime it encounters an image which is linked somewhere, make sure it does not display a background. It will ignore text links, which I assume is the reason there is a background in the first place, right?
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    thank you the_pm, but that did not work. i wonder why though, cuz that seemed like the most logical coding...

    here's the site i'm talking about:
    christmas.inkerrville dot com

    if you'll notice the images on the left hand side still has that background orange this is irritating me

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    Im not seeing the background problem, but you could set the background to white instead of none, and remove the border in IE

    a img{background-color:#fff; border:0}


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    thank you digiscape,

    that fixed the border in ie and the background color issue that i was asking about was also fixed in ie, but opera it's not. and i use opera, but oh looks ok i guess, there's nothing more i can do...

    thank you once again for your help.


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