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    over 900 pages - Health Blog for sale

    This is a Huge health related website in terms of content. It consists of:

    - Automatic News Feeds (RSS) (located on the left)
    - over 900 pages of content
    - complete backend panel to contrl the running of the site

    Its a new site started only late last month. I acquired it from a friend and i had
    a motive of promoting it. But my time has been taken up elsewhere hence the need to sell it.
    What You Will Get with this auction:

    Traffic - STATS

    Income- none - since it isnt getting that much traffic.

    The best part about this site is its content.

    You will get complete site as you see it.

    The domain name will also transferred to you for free.

    starting bid- $50
    Bin- TBA

    Auction ending - around 2-5 days.

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    bid of $75 received.

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    Is the content unique or has it been copied from somewhere else? I also see 1 indexed page on Google, how long has this website been online?


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    Thanks for your interest. As mentioned in my main post the site was acquired from my friend and i believe the articles have been posted by users. the admin panel shows 17registered users.

    The site has been up from late october. roughly a month.


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    BIN set to $150.

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    sold. thanks.

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    Damn damn damn.

    Very nice page rank and lots of potential.

    Good luck whoever got that little bargain!
    Olly | INX-Gaming
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