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    Whatís the best payment system for a designer not a programmer?

    In follow up to a couple of other posts, I am in the process of starting my own web hosting company that provides cheap hosting for clients/customers in the UK.

    I am a designer and am in the process of designing the entire front end of the site so it looks exactly how I want it (Iím not one to fall for the easy attraction of a template).

    Quite simply id like to know the best payment method of implementation on the site.

    Firstly a page identifying the conduct and usage of the hosting package being bought, hence clearing identifying that any unsuitable use of the hosting package bought could easily result in suspension of the account with no refund etc. To confirm that the information has been read and agreed to the buyer must check an agreement box before being able to continue to the next page.

    Secondly there must be an option (somewhere in the payment process) to input the customers name, desired username, password and primary contact email address (I will probably need to add additional options).

    Thirdly and finally the must be the option to add one of three different packages and any additional Add-On features.

    All this information then needs submitting and paying and a confirmation email needs to end up in my payments email account to confirm money has been submitted and the details of the new customer.

    So whatís the easiest way to do this? Initially Iím thinking of using Paypal with a paypal shopping cart but if I choose that option I am unsure if I will be able to collect the required customer information that I require.

    Quite simply there are 4 phases:

    1) Agree to the terms of use
    2) Input customer details
    3) Select hosting plan and Add-Ons that customer wishís to buy
    4) Pay for items bought and submit information

    Any suggestions of help would be very much appreciated.


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    There are several pieces of software out there that are used by lots of webhosts. The one that I have always seen used is Modnerbill. It integrates with Cpanel and WHM (among other control panels) and automates billing, creation, suspension of accounts. It is a very complex piece of software, but very useful as well.

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