Hey guys,

I need some help tracking down a problem I've been having.

I have a fresh installation of CentOS 4 on a completely new server and it refuses to reboot properly. All I have done to it since setup is change the root password. I can log in (via ssh), issue a reboot command and the server comes back up. However, if I do the exact same thing again the server will lock up. It ALWAYS gets stuck on the second reboot command after the power has been cycled. (it freezes on the "system is going down for a reboot screen", therefore there is NOTHING in the logs to indicate failure... it just never comes up after issuing reboot!)

I am 90% certain that this is **NOT** a hardware problem. This is the THIRD fresh replacement server that has exhibited this problem (and the second server had 2 motherboard/ram/cpu replacements!) In total, that's 5 different machines (albeit similarly configured) that have exhibited the same problem.

I've gone through a huge trouble ticket and at least a half dozen different techs in trying to resolve this issue. I've otherwise been happy with the company and am getting a really good price, so I don't want to just walk away. However, the reboot thing is starting to get a little bit irritating.

Any advice/pointers on where to look?

The machine is a celeron 2.4/512mb/120gb 10Mbit unmetered hosted by Hivelocity. Anyone else able to confirm this problem with their machine?






"shutdown -r now"

have the same effect.