Hi all!

I've been idly browsing this site for only god-knows how long and I have finally decided to create a user account as I have something to share! As veterans of this forum in particular are all too well aware, the vast majority of threads here are horror stories, complaints and the like. There's a fair few innocent questions, but that's about it.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to do something different and express how satisfied I am with the service at Nocster/BurstNET. I recently took the plunge and upgraded from shared hosting to an unlimited 10mbit service and I have to say thus far it has been wonderful! I ordered my server at 6pm (AEST) and I was able to SSH into it by 7am the next morning.

As this was (is!) the first time I've played with dedicated servers / Linux in general, I began setting up all the various bits and pieces and breaking dozens of things in the process. Although this is an unmanaged service (and without a control panel, to boot!), the support desk was kind enough to point me in the right direction when I had messed up my IP alias configuration. Also, they bared with us as myself and a friend almost harrassed (and threatened to leave!) them over an inaccessible server -- which was entirely a PEBKAC error. (Typo in DNS!)

With all that needs to be said about support been said, service is also excellent. Using wget I have been downloading files at speeds up to 3MB/s (24mbit!), which is certainly very nice. In regards to upload speed, I have been able to download at 1.3MB/s from my shared hosting consistently for about 15 minutes (a 1.4GB backup). I am very pleased with this.

I would not hesitate in recommending Nocster to any fellow denizens, especially at this time with their unmetered deal on. I am paying US$99/month for this (although it can be had for as little as US$79/month), which is very affordable for a couple of dirt-poor high-school students!

(I thought it was about time something positive was posted here! )