Many of you have been following the development of Gamescript and V2.0 is now officially out of beta!

Big additions since 1.3:
- stats like total games, games played etc
- Auto sizing of game files! If the game is too big a link to open in new window will appear or the game will be resized depending on your selection.
- Number of people online tracking
- Random games on the front page
- Advanced caching techniques for most of our common MySQL queries to drop ~50% of our queries/resource usage.
- Multi Page Category display
- DB based link management In the AdminCP
- Grab files from remote server used to download game to your syste then upload this skips a step
- User management like quick add, delete and make the person an admin
- Search by Game Name
- Newsletter system
- Drastically improved add games process to allow you to add games incredibly fast. (See Below)
- User Email verification
- Newsletter UNSUBSCRIBE ability
- Top players list
- ability to disable registrations/logins
- min/max gamesize if either bigger or smaller than this setting the game will be resized to fit your template. There is an option if its too big to just open in a new window
- Password reset ability
- comments moderation
- highest rated games list
- Config in the MySql DB and changeable settings in AdminCP!
- Detailed Descriptions for games

Here's how you add a game:
1.) upload the game file AND the thumbnail (You can grab them from a remote server if you want) This will automatically fill in the filename and thumbnail names
2.) Fill in the Game Name and Description boxes
3.) select the category
4.) game added

Screenshot of add games:

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