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    iracks - any current customers care to comment?

    We are currently in the process of researching a new web host. We're moving to dedicated hosting.

    We've been investigating Iracks and so far they have been most impressive with their knowledge, response times and their prices are very reasonable.

    I'm not after alternative hosts but if anyone has their own experiences of iracks i would be interested to hear some of their existing clients views. As mentioned so far we have been very impressed with them.



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    iracks is great.

    As some of you may know we are currently expanding to the Netherlands. We started testing companies early 2004 (yep I know.. we take our time) and decided to go with a specific company, which seemed to be able to accomodate us (being a very demanding customer since we just want the best for our own clients).

    After we had been with that company for a few months the problems started and it turned out that company wasn't anywhere near as professional as we thought they were - it even turned out they used Zebra routers while they claimed they used Juniper gear. Luckily we were still in the testing stage and hadn't (and currently still haven't) officially released our product line in the Netherlands. At one stage that company even started to take our servers hostage and wouldn't release them until we paid them a certain amount of money. Usually I'd have sued them but that would have been a long procedure and we just wanted to get our servers back, so we paid the 'ransome' and left.

    At that stage I had already been in contact with Adam for several months and knew he's a great guy. He knew about our situation and immediately offered us to help out. He managed to accomodate us the same day we left the old company, infact he and his staff even flew over to help us with the migration. Thanks to that we were able to get our servers back up very fast. Luckily we weren't using our servers for production systems yet (back in those days), but even if they would have been, iracks would have saved us a major headache.

    Right now we are still colocating in iracks' suite in RedBus. We'll probably get our own suite at a later stage but for us there's absolutely no rush, iracks has proven to be a very reliable partner. Apart from that Adam would also bend over backwards to help us out, which is something I personally highly appreciate and respect.

    Two thumbs for iracks.

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