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    Question Ipowerweb, any exprience?

    Do you have any exprience with them?

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    Search for on the follwoing link:

    You'll find a lot of reviews and experiences.
    Latest Article:
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    THank you.

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    I had been using iPowerWeb for over a year. Now I have switched my sites over to other hosts.

    One thing I wasn't happy with them was that when I signed up the service over a year ago, what they offered was far less than what they are offering now. I think it is fair to give all existing customers the same upgrade, but they DON"T.

    Their service is quite reliable. However, for a couple of new sites I signed up recently (later cancelled), I noticed that I had trouble sending emails from time to time. Got some error messages from their server, but it wasn't a huge deal.

    Their tech support was okay, but haven't contacted them for a while. Their support in billing isn't that good. Cancalling your hosting and getting refund back takes a VERY long time.

    I may try them again in the future, but not for now.


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